That feeling when…something “punch” you in head and you do things for which you said NEVER…and you dont think if its right or wrong coz you feel fuckin good!Sounds selfish?!Maybe…and maybe i dont know what I want..but I excatly know what I dont want!(that is good for start :P)

I am in some strange mood tonight….well its positive strange …from that mood comes this picture


Dont listen…its Rammstein !!!:D



POTD and little more 

Yesterday one of my picture was chose for Second life Pic of The day \o/.I am proud and honored and ofc i dont know to shut up so..i must say that i prefer landscape pictures and pics with some story rather than close up but on other side I am happy coz I am in love in my new look*winks* you belive that pic at first i didnt want to put on Flickr coz i didnt like it :Dbut if Second life say that is great …i belive them:) Thank you SL 🙂 (now i sound like ungrateful bitch ..but I am just honest)


So…some girls ask me about this look :


Horns: [VN] Celestial Horns-@ C88

Skin:Glam Affair – Cleo

Eyes:IKON Ardent Eyes

(diadem not come with horns..its part of some my old ugly outfit;D)

Btw this outfit was for picture -Dance with me ♥

Dance with me

Fly Away 

Long time ago i write about daydreaming…imagination…and safe place in your head when you can hide from reality..this morning i read that post (if you wana reading  link is HERE)..and i think….well I usually dont think early in the morning…but that happens sometimes:P…I did some things and I am sorry on one was hard to make that decision…but on another way…I lost my safe place…where i can be whatever I want…and do whatever I want..I mix some other life with reality and it was great time…but I lost myself somewhere…maybe I am selfish…but I just need to fly away…on some other time and place where everything is possible..where everything is fun ..where I am a queen..where I can dance naked on the rain..nah too much philosophy for this morning..I just..dont want to mix my fantasy and imagination with RL…coz then..they stop to be fantasy and magic is gone.. and i will lost myself again.

Fly Away

Am I dreamer….idiot….fucked up..or i have some brain disease:D I have no idea but I feel good right now in my own skin and that is important(well skin is not mine its from Glam Affair:P)

Fly Away 2

Enough philosophy for one day…time for shoping..This  cute set of poses is ofc from Uncertain smile.. Fly Way set is made for The Surreal Complex event

Fly away 3

Uncertain smile

On Marketplace

Main store in world

The Surreal Complex event

Have a great day !


Good Morning…one more week…but its start with a smile :D(big smile with big shiny white teeth)..even some rumors wasnt distroy my good mood-i hate online rumors..I dont belive anyone except myself…just saying…ok next subject.

L ast night i had fun in SL after some time…i was on some fashion show i have no idea where but I know with whom ….so that is enough 😛 I love fashion and i saw great outfits…models is to skini for my taste but I notice that they work hard…after 4 years this is my first serious fashion show..and last  coz it was lagy like hell and after 20 min I was boring:D(sorry for my bad english this morning…I slept only 4 hours)…anyway this is not subject of this post…but I just wana say….its nice to be judge on fashion show…sit..drink…and give points…3,4….4,5…:P

Its my pleasure to intorduce to you Uncertain smile …store for poses with props by Isabelli Anatine.First is hair and shoes love and then love for poses(for me) so from today i will write often and use most of her poses coz I like all of them 🙂 LA FETE TRISTE SET or something like..a dead in a cage is tree with wearable props and 3 animation..set is made for The Surreal Complex event but it will be in main store after event .Her event theme is Dream and you shoud check it coz she have one more nice pose set there also(I will show you on next post)

I know that this pose set is kinda death style but I alwas see things with different eyes and I am not good friend with death so…you can use it for dark pictures but i see it like this

In Cage

Ofc…I must show my Ps skills 😀

In cage 2

I take picture of just 2 animation but in set is one more,,I didnt have time to fix my wedding dress in Ps in last picture:P(am I boring with Ps?Yes I am but I dont care:D)

Have a good week and visit Uncertain smile

On Marketplace

Main store in world

The Surreal Complex event

Gates of Destiny 

Good evening!Its 1am and nope I am not in bed jet:)…reason for this late post is..I visit one magical place tonight…but lets start from begining..those days I am busy…I spent all of my free time in Ps..that helps me to dont think…Its good thing when you dont think …my day was…well…so so..working on some pictures…and then I realized that I didnt change my outfit for 3 days!!!..Just change for shots and then back again in same outfit!!!So I decide to go in little shoping…but I saw one picture on flickr and I decide to visit that place …and then…WOW…THAT AWESOME MOMENT WHEN YOU ARE FUCKIN HAPPY AND YOU DONT KNOW WHY!:D

“You are the creator of your own destiny”

Gates of destiny

Gates of destiny-wonderful,magical and beautiful place!!Everyone who knows me..knows that my style is colorful places so I am shocked …but this place impressed me…I was there few hours and take milion pictures of beautiful sculpures..trees..etc..I will show you some of them here…I edit this one ..well…i couldnt resist…but just little…moon..birds…water splash..

Gates of destiny 2

What I didnt know is that this great place is home of Shelly70 Resident but its open for public…and she did great job…I must say thanks to her coz she made my day(evening)

Gates of Destiny 3

Ofc I forget go to shoping..but nvm…I will do that tomorrow

I am not “awwwwww”person..but next picture make me smile:)


Gates of Destiny 4

This was Gates of Destiny seen through my eyes and your taxi is HERE

Good night!

Old – new places 

One quick post for today.When I was in my “privacy mood” i visited some old places to see what is new.Two my favorite places are Small town of green and  Annwn Willows…ok I spend much time at Bubblez also coz there is rezz permision and I like to take photos there…its nice..I bloged before about all this places.and I love it in every here is some new shots of Small town and Annwn and one old from Bubblez.

         Enjoy your day!


Annwn WAnnwn Willows

Small town Green

Small town of green

Small Town of Green





Kiss The Rain 

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I’m gone, too long.
If your lips
Feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn.
Keep in mind
We’re under the same sky
And the nights
As empty for me, as for you
If ya feel
You can’t wait till morinin’
Kiss the rain


Picture inspired by beautiful Billie Myers song-Kiss T he Rain

And good morning..its 9 AM!!!Well this is month when WE go to school in the morning so my day begin at 6 AM every f day!!I was in bed last night at 9 PM and I still dont know where am I…and now when you know when I wake up and when I go to bed 😛 ..I wana share some thing…Its maybe small step for humanity but its big for me 😛

I did my first serious photo in Photoshop YEY!I did some pictures before but always someone help me and when i close PS i always forget what I did..I played before with blur and crop …and also with Online Photo Editor-here is link to one good …its easy and you can make amazing things with him-BeFunky..anyway..every time when I dont know what to do with my free time(and I still didnt start to work …and outside is f cold…and kid is in school)I find some new things to do…to learn….this time that is PS…I learn how to remove things from picture…clean it…and add some water and rain effect(with brushes and filters)…I know that for someone this is small thing but for me….happy happy joy joy!!:DI dont want to explain how I did it…coz you can find everything on youtube ..and if I start …that will last till next morning…I spent 4 hours(now I can do that for hm..maybe 15 min…ofc i wrote what I did:P) on this pic but on the end I am satisfied:DOfc pose and WL is still important for good pic…and inspiration for sure…and my next pic will be….well I will show you 🙂

With this post I wana say…If I can ….everyone can ….well you can everything only if you want..Its like that …in all things in life:)

Have a great day and enjoy in this great song:)

And then something change you..

Back to blackl start my day with words of one Srbian-Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic…I will translate his words on English:

„And then something change you.You realize that you can not be that man from yesterday.but you dont know who will you bee tommorow.You    dont know excatly whats waiting for you but you suspect that in front of you are not good days.Then you tell yourself that they are better then days before,and that new tomorrow will enlighten you and you will see things with new eyes….“

These nights i sleep very badly..I dont know is that coz I am on diet and hungry!!…and wake up every morning with big „whole“ in my stomach( this morning i wana kill for one big fat BUREK..I cant explain what is that on English but look picture HERE nomnomnom)….or maybe it coz my conscience..just some things dont let me go…I dreamed about big black birds…cold nights…deep black wather..and bla bla …classic nightmare..and no I dont want to analyze what that mean but to be honest I think this morning little about it…about some things I did…some words which I said…and I miss that time when i belive that bogeymen live just under my bed(today bogyman looks different and they are not only under my bed )…but on the end  i figured….thats me….i never regret for choices I made…and things I ve done..and mistakes i made…they all are mine..and I know what is good for me…and I can learn from my mistakes….and I know one thing….tonight before bed I will eat something…or my next morning will be shity…who knows maybe i will dream about green fields…butterflyes and colorful flowers

And then something chnge you

Morning story 

Its been awhile I know…some thing have  happened and no…I dont want to think or talk about it…shit happens and i will just need little time to remember how is when you „walk alone“…also I close my sl feed but i was active on Flickr..needed little time and privacy…but on the end i figured …privacy is boring so here we go again J

I wake up this morning..wel i will say….nervous…still blind i try to make some coffee and then i saw…I DONT HAVE CIGARETTS!!(yea I should stop…but I am 2 weeks on special diet tretman –grass and cereal ..yakies….so I dont want do that to myself..I will stop one day)..anyway…hairy and stil in pajamas…i just wear my coat…boots and take umbrella coz outside was fuckin cold and rainy…and i run to near store…and there …in front of store …under the tree…one young couple under one small umbrella kissing…cold does not bother them…rain also..they kiss…hug…he  was touch her hair  ..kisses her nose…whispering something on her ear…and she smiled….I smiled also…some.. not that old memories was back to me…I look at my umbrella…it was so big…i have place under for someone else…eh…waith…I had someone….I Have no idea how long ive watched them….but in one moment they look at me…well I guess that for them I was some old hairy pervert with pajama, coat and big orange umbrella..I run in to the store :“Hello.Two box Red Bond (one is for tomorrow morning –just in case) and one umbrella..smallest that you have.“I go home with cigaretts..perfect fit umbrella ..i was totaly wet but my head was dry and my kid was happy…she got small white umrella with hearts..well I was happy also …I can finally drink my coffee in peace J

The End

PS.The piont of this story is….ALWAYS leave one or two cigaretts for the first morning coffee 😛

Morning story

Picture taken at Fotoscope