Morning story 

Its been awhile I know…some thing have  happened and no…I dont want to think or talk about it…shit happens and i will just need little time to remember how is when you „walk alone“…also I close my sl feed but i was active on Flickr..needed little time and privacy…but on the end i figured …privacy is boring so here we go again J

I wake up this morning..wel i will say….nervous…still blind i try to make some coffee and then i saw…I DONT HAVE CIGARETTS!!(yea I should stop…but I am 2 weeks on special diet tretman –grass and cereal ..yakies….so I dont want do that to myself..I will stop one day)..anyway…hairy and stil in pajamas…i just wear my coat…boots and take umbrella coz outside was fuckin cold and rainy…and i run to near store…and there …in front of store …under the tree…one young couple under one small umbrella kissing…cold does not bother them…rain also..they kiss…hug…he  was touch her hair  ..kisses her nose…whispering something on her ear…and she smiled….I smiled also…some.. not that old memories was back to me…I look at my umbrella…it was so big…i have place under for someone else…eh…waith…I had someone….I Have no idea how long ive watched them….but in one moment they look at me…well I guess that for them I was some old hairy pervert with pajama, coat and big orange umbrella..I run in to the store :“Hello.Two box Red Bond (one is for tomorrow morning –just in case) and one umbrella..smallest that you have.“I go home with cigaretts..perfect fit umbrella ..i was totaly wet but my head was dry and my kid was happy…she got small white umrella with hearts..well I was happy also …I can finally drink my coffee in peace J

The End

PS.The piont of this story is….ALWAYS leave one or two cigaretts for the first morning coffee 😛

Morning story

Picture taken at Fotoscope



Today i have  good reason for blog :) i said on SL feed..on this day..last year..that mean before 365 days=12 months=8.760 hours=525.600 min=31.536.000 sec me and Jupi start i can talk  about  how everything was wonderful and magical and perfect…yes it was …with up and down moments..with laugh and tears( mine ofc:D)..with some mistakes(mine ofc)and some bad moments(also mine)..but thats all is part of one relationship.. and after all that time we are still here and happy:)…strange thing is that after all those days he is same person like when i first met him ..patient,passionate,understanding for my craziness..and yes he is my best friend:)..I am not someone who belive in “forever” RL…in SL..but i do belive in love:)

These  picture were taken about a  year ago



Lana & JupiHappy anniversary darling ♥♥♥

Winter at Onyx Isle-It all starts with a smile 



Do you remember how this sim was wonderful last spring..but unfortunately was closed ?! Now its back with magical winter edition!!!

It all starts with a smile

Teleport point is in front  little village with cute caffe and there you can take bicycle case that you dont like to walk…and go to explore sim around 🙂


Nature and winter scene..cute houses and beautiful winter trees..make this place perfect for taking photos

Winter house

I spend some time there today…enjoyed in bicycle ride and take some shots..and i will sure will be back again !

Winter House 2

Taxi to- It all starts with a smile

North Pole Sleigh Ride 

North Pole Sleigh Ride is open again for this winter/christmas season.Like last year sim is open around 1.december and looks same like last year..winter wonderland with beautiful winter,christmas,skiting and polar scene

North Pole

Last year this was one of my favorite locatio for photos,ice skating,sleigh ride.. having fun with Santa and his elves:) and other funny animals…i am happy coz this sim is open again  and i know that it will be lots of fun there 😀




Take your ride HERE and have fun !!

Meet Adina 

Good morning …i hate Mondays..just saying…but i loooveee when i get new skin…today i wana show you one more experimental skin..ofc from unBra..Adina C54


This is second experimental skin with fat eyebrown and with small changes on mouth and nose…ofc you can make your eyebrown soften or darker( tatoo layer)..this time 12 diferent make up (  skins)..and like before several lipstick…moles..also Slink feet and hands applier…Lolas tango applier and Phat Azz applier available  in Mainstore

Take a look on some make up from pack

Adina set 1

Adina set 2

Adina set 3

You can find this skin tone C54 and one more C69 in world in Mainstore

Well..i didnt talk much this time 😦 😀 …my kid will come from school and its time to be mother….till tonight 🙂 …but if you wana know more about Unbra  skins…check my previous posts  

Happy Monday !!

Winter at Dawn of Radiance-Lucky Paradise 

Hello…i wake up in not great mood this morning…and when that happens..that is signal for DO NOTHING :)but when i log in in SL and decide to visit Dawn of Radiance again ( i was there cople weeks…days ago…i am not sure when and it was beautiful autumn scene)..but today…WOW…winter comes at this lovely place !!


I must admit that i am not big fan of winter in SL but that is only coz i am not that good in taking winter shots:)…i am better with colors…but things changed this morning:D…one of reason is coz this place is wonderful…with lovely corners and spots for photography…winter trees and cute animals

Dawn II

 Silvermoon Fairey  is Owner of Dawn of nice and friendly person < was my pleasure to chat with her and blog about her lovely place

Lucky Paradise

One more shot 

Lucky Paradise

You should visit  Dawn of Radiance..beautiful winter landscape( autumn was great also…just saying:D)..there are more lovely corners for photos…relax,chat and maybe….cuddles *winks* and yes…dont forget to post pictures in flicks group HERE

I had fun  and really enjoyed and I know that you will also …have a great day !!

Taxi to Lucky Paradise

Places that are worth visiting 

Good morning…early morning indeed..this month my kid go at school in the i wake up every day at 6:30 am…dont ask me how i feel !!! I made some coffee…and i wanted to clean my comp from some pictures….i was lazy those days and my desktop is  totaly in mess..with SL pictures ofc ..some of them are on SL feed…some on my its time to put some on blog and show you some places which i visited those days

First of then is Nuvoletta

Nuvoletta This is a sim of Imeka pose Mainstore…and i was there to buy some poses…but i was suprised  how lovely this sim looks…autumn scene with lots of details and nice spots for taking pictures..ofc i didnt buy nothing but i take some lovely pictures 🙂

Nuvoletta II

Bonne Chance-BCC

You got  a love beautiful In world stores…and i always loved this sim…in every season…now winter comes at BCC



Guana Cay-Imagination

This sim is just breathtaking..i spend there one evening ..listen music and enjoyed this breutiful water sim filled with imagination



And for end..something colder but also beautiful

Innsmouth-a dark New England Coastal Town

New England Coastal Town II

New England Coastal Town

Have a great day..and enjoy your travel…in case that you decide to visit some of this great places xx

Avatar Look Alikes Challenge 

One more week and one more great idea from Strawberry Singh ( inspired by Winter Jefferson ) meme-Avatar Look Alikes Challenge

Meme Instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on. Don’t forget to share your meme pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group

When i saw Celebrity Look A Like Generator  ..i know  that would be fun …but first …to be honest i have no idea does Lana looks like someone…i bet that she does…everyone has twin:D ..but i never think about that and i never wanted to look like some celebrity …i always made my shape alone…ok i lie…when i start with SL…i bought some shape and i thought then that was beautiful …i wish that i can find that i dont think like that 😀 if  Lana remind you on someone or you think that looks like someone…tell me ..i want to know 🙂

And now Generator  *laughs*



Do you think that i look like Ronaldo??? Or Madeleine Albright ??Idk how i will survive to look like Britney Spears!!!

I didnt want to do it one more time…with this results i am more than satisfied 😀

..:: unBra ::. Nefertari 

Well hello:D…i wasnt online 6 days 12 hours 35 was hard..especially for someone who is always online :) monitor died…and now its fixed…well almost…colors are strange…and letters…and its f**** frustrating…but work for now…i think that soon i will need new one …ok i will stop cry..i had great time with my kid…i had time for myself..RL me:)..and little break from internet is always good.

Back to SL and what is new?! experimental skin from unBra- Nefertari


Its skin in just one tone- C41..and with fat eyebrow…to be honest i did not think that i will like it…but i was wrong …i LOVE it ..and that fat eyebrow looks raaaawr …take a look




Like usually.. in pack  you will got several lipstick(tattoo layer)..moles.. and you can make eyebrows soft …or maybe you dont want it:p (also tattoo layer)…and everything else you can find in Mainstore..Lolas Tango applier….Slink feet and hands applier..Phat Azz applier..and yes…price is lower than usually:)

This is one more great skin from UnBra

PS. Its good to be back:)

Have a great week !!