That feeling when…something “punch” you in head and you do things for which you said NEVER…and you dont think if its right or wrong coz you feel fuckin good!Sounds selfish?!Maybe…and maybe i dont know what I want..but I excatly know what I dont want!(that is good for start :P)

I am in some strange mood tonight….well its positive strange …from that mood comes this picture


Dont listen…its Rammstein !!!:D



There is always hope 

Strawberry Singh meme for this week…well  its  meme from her friend..and from his post all can see how amazing friend he is …before I make a mess with explaining things…read here  Berrywinters meme.

Its  kinda private meme but i dont mind..and no ..with my story i dont want that ppl be sorry or look at me like a I am not…I am normal (sometimes),happy person..with some shits in life…but all ppl have problems and for everyone their own problems are bigest…but there is always a hope…shity phrase but tru….I wana say that… sometimes  you  fall down and touch bottom but you must find hope, ,strenght …get up and move…coz there are many falls in life…and I know that end of love(relationship) can hurt..and somethimes that looks like end of the world…but time will heal everything(another shity phrase I know)and good friends.

Ok i wrote a book…now my story…I am not sure about what part of my life to write..I will try to be short.

When I was 17 years old my mother died from cancer on my hands…she had 47 years…now i have 37 and i think about her every day of my life..I miss her…so I stay at home to take care of my father who had schizophrenia..I didnt have computer then and internet…I dont want to make this story too long and I will said that in that 2 years of my life I touch bottom of life ..I am not person who cry ..I make shits when I feel relatshionships….in that black time of my life….my best friend help me to get up..well her mother find me a job(and I still work there)..i still remember her words:“If you have kid …do you want that she/he have life like yours in case that something happens to you ?“I get up and move..start to work ..have some relationships ….love some man..some loved me…I was hurt…and bla bla…but I think that i am little hendicapped in „love stuff“…its funny and strange that Second life learn me to show my emotions.

Then after 3 years relatshionship I get merry and I got beautiful daughter..well that marriage was wrong but my daughter is my straingh now.My father died before 5 years but I survive…you look everything with different eyes when you have reason to live.

Next chapter  in my life…before 1,5 years i got cancer…surgery…chemotherapy…radiotherapy..and i am still here…I cry just that day when doctors told me that I have cancer..I go out…sit on stairs ….and call my best friend (that friend from childhood)…and after 30 min I was ready to fight…and to win…and I survive…and what If cancer comes back…yes sometimes I think about that….who cares I will eat him  again🙂

My strenght,my hope,my love and my reason to live is my daughter.I dont have many things in my life…but i have enough…I have her..I have my best friend….maybe I dont have Rl love…but that will happen one day…hope dies last 😛

Now when i read what I wrote..maybe is too much..SL is not place to share private things…but on other way..maybe this story will help see that…when you think that everything is black…and when you dont see the way out..remember that always can be worst..find your strenght in friends…family…get up and move on….tommorow is another day (Ok ..on the end of post i become Scarlett O*Hara …Eeeeek..time to log in in SL for some shoping therapy)

Btw..for this post i will use one picture which i use before on some other post…coz I think that is perfect for this story!

Have a great evening!


Keep Looking

Avatar Look Alikes Challenge 

One more week and one more great idea from Strawberry Singh ( inspired by Winter Jefferson ) meme-Avatar Look Alikes Challenge

Meme Instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on. Don’t forget to share your meme pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group

When i saw Celebrity Look A Like Generator  ..i know  that would be fun …but first …to be honest i have no idea does Lana looks like someone…i bet that she does…everyone has twin:D ..but i never think about that and i never wanted to look like some celebrity …i always made my shape alone…ok i lie…when i start with SL…i bought some shape and i thought then that was beautiful …i wish that i can find that i dont think like that 😀 if  Lana remind you on someone or you think that looks like someone…tell me ..i want to know 🙂

And now Generator  *laughs*



Do you think that i look like Ronaldo??? Or Madeleine Albright ??Idk how i will survive to look like Britney Spears!!!

I didnt want to do it one more time…with this results i am more than satisfied 😀

Celebrate life

 Its grey rainy day here in Serbia and i am little emotional today….no its not sad story ..this story supposed to celebrate life…and all those small thing which we notice when we are in bad situation….like i said one time …for me SL is place for live some other life and to do things which you cant do in RL…but behind avatar is…ok i dont look  like Lana:D ..but we have almost same…eyes 😀 😛 ..most of  my   posts are about SL ..places something else connected with virtual world….but not this one..coz SL and this blog helped me to survive hard time in my life…which is finally over ..some of you knows that i had one year ago… then 6 month of chemotherapy… and 1,5 month …2 month after last radiotherapy… i am cancer free 🙂 and finally I’ll be back to normal life….does this bad experiance changed me ?!…yes…i am not same person like before…i learned to respect and appreciate life….and enjoy in every morning..every sunrise…and yes i learned to dancing in the rain and that if you have a strong can survive and do everything !!

Also…with this post i want to say thank you..first to Jupi…coz he was here for me in every my mood…black or white..i want to say thank you to ppl who follows me …old and new followers on SL feed and on my blog ..for all loves and comments..i really appriciate that…i do things …taking photos…blogging…coz that at first place  makes me happy and i enjoy and when i do that i forget everything bad least for short time…but when ppl support that…means a lot again..thank you all ❤


Shoes PasSion 

The only and true love is love for….shoes…boots….hairs…jewelry… :D…this time it will be shoes !!!…i will show you some of my favorite heels from my inventory.( i have 62k items inside and yes i  dont want to delete nothing coz i need everything:D and few days ago i decide to do something smart for changes.. to blog about my favorite stuff)…well i know.. tastes are different and no i dont say that this is the best shoes in SL …but for me it is ..coz i wear them offten and more that 15 min 😀 …some of them are old (from 2011 …btw that wasnt mesh era but i still LOVE them)…for this post Jupi made great video for me…thank you thank you ❤ …coz that i will first show you video …i hope that you will like it 🙂

Disclaimer: This was fun and non commercial project. No money or trade was included. All the names and brands were included just for information purposes.

So…lets talk about shoes ..this will be long post with many pictures…sorry but i just couldnt resist 😀




Redgrave CARRIE

If i start to write how much i love this shoes…i will write till tommorow…i will just say…they are great…beautiful…gorgeos…awesome :D…not expencive(pack with 12 colors and HUD for skin nails and every part of shoes )

Trust was not easy to choose shoes for this post:D





They are just perfect and worth every linden!!

Next will be heels from GOS and N-core ...yes  SL has many great shops for heels but FOR ME ..those 2 stores are one of the best ..with great quality and lovely shoes…but those are my fav 😀 maybe i have strange taste 😀


GOS-Mae Platform-Polka dot


GOS-Angelina Peeptoe-Red Python





N-core and GOS has  a new sistem to match your skin tone..easy way…one click…go to web…choose store and name of your skin…and thats all…you got to love this !

And for the end old boots-sandals from 2011 …some of you will say..yakies….but i dont care..i am still in love in them 😀


Persephone Patent Boots

Thats all..i really enjoyed and had fun writing this post:D…so i will do something like this again for sure…maybe next time…hairs?!

Taxi to;





Purrfect 10

Small town of Green++pretty island

I decided to write about this beautiful place coz that is one of mine favorite places in SL and i take many pics there …first i will say that sim now looks diferent..ofc i loved autumn scene which this sim had before…but now winter looks much better…sim is published for shooting…and rezz is alowed…that means that you can rezz your own poses and stuff if you need then ..coz sim already have much animation for couples and for single also…that makes this sim pefect for takeing photos…so first part of sim (tp point) is little town with bistros..bakery..and animation is all around..and inside cafe also…

On the other side of sim…on the end of street comes best part:)beautiful winter scene..bridge…nature…campfire with nice animations..just go around and check everything you will is your taxi to Small town of Green …have fun

One more shot…ah i can make milion pictures of this place:)