Meet Adina 

Good morning …i hate Mondays..just saying…but i loooveee when i get new skin…today i wana show you one more experimental skin..ofc from unBra..Adina C54


This is second experimental skin with fat eyebrown and with small changes on mouth and nose…ofc you can make your eyebrown soften or darker( tatoo layer)..this time 12 diferent make up (  skins)..and like before several lipstick…moles..also Slink feet and hands applier…Lolas tango applier and Phat Azz applier available  in Mainstore

Take a look on some make up from pack

Adina set 1

Adina set 2

Adina set 3

You can find this skin tone C54 and one more C69 in world in Mainstore

Well..i didnt talk much this time 😦 😀 …my kid will come from school and its time to be mother….till tonight 🙂 …but if you wana know more about Unbra  skins…check my previous posts  

Happy Monday !!


..:: unBra ::. Nefertari 

Well hello:D…i wasnt online 6 days 12 hours 35 was hard..especially for someone who is always online :) monitor died…and now its fixed…well almost…colors are strange…and letters…and its f**** frustrating…but work for now…i think that soon i will need new one …ok i will stop cry..i had great time with my kid…i had time for myself..RL me:)..and little break from internet is always good.

Back to SL and what is new?! experimental skin from unBra- Nefertari


Its skin in just one tone- C41..and with fat eyebrow…to be honest i did not think that i will like it…but i was wrong …i LOVE it ..and that fat eyebrow looks raaaawr …take a look




Like usually.. in pack  you will got several lipstick(tattoo layer)..moles.. and you can make eyebrows soft …or maybe you dont want it:p (also tattoo layer)…and everything else you can find in Mainstore..Lolas Tango applier….Slink feet and hands applier..Phat Azz applier..and yes…price is lower than usually:)

This is one more great skin from UnBra

PS. Its good to be back:)

Have a great week !!

Ready for Halloween 

Yesterday i got gift from Jupi…beautiful dress from Gizza -Deathly Silence…and i sooooooooo in love in this dress <3..i think that i will wear it for days (  mission imposible)…just saying 😀 …i take some shots and i am really satisfied 🙂 …sounds little narcissistic i know…but who cares…i dont often react like this especially on ”dark style”..but did i said that this dress is perfect ?! 😀

Ready for Halloween

And one Close up…and back to listen some music…which now match with my mood…and my dress ofc 😀

Close up

Gizza-Deathly Silence

Shoes PasSion 

The only and true love is love for….shoes…boots….hairs…jewelry… :D…this time it will be shoes !!!…i will show you some of my favorite heels from my inventory.( i have 62k items inside and yes i  dont want to delete nothing coz i need everything:D and few days ago i decide to do something smart for changes.. to blog about my favorite stuff)…well i know.. tastes are different and no i dont say that this is the best shoes in SL …but for me it is ..coz i wear them offten and more that 15 min 😀 …some of them are old (from 2011 …btw that wasnt mesh era but i still LOVE them)…for this post Jupi made great video for me…thank you thank you ❤ …coz that i will first show you video …i hope that you will like it 🙂

Disclaimer: This was fun and non commercial project. No money or trade was included. All the names and brands were included just for information purposes.

So…lets talk about shoes ..this will be long post with many pictures…sorry but i just couldnt resist 😀




Redgrave CARRIE

If i start to write how much i love this shoes…i will write till tommorow…i will just say…they are great…beautiful…gorgeos…awesome :D…not expencive(pack with 12 colors and HUD for skin nails and every part of shoes )

Trust was not easy to choose shoes for this post:D





They are just perfect and worth every linden!!

Next will be heels from GOS and N-core ...yes  SL has many great shops for heels but FOR ME ..those 2 stores are one of the best ..with great quality and lovely shoes…but those are my fav 😀 maybe i have strange taste 😀


GOS-Mae Platform-Polka dot


GOS-Angelina Peeptoe-Red Python





N-core and GOS has  a new sistem to match your skin tone..easy way…one click…go to web…choose store and name of your skin…and thats all…you got to love this !

And for the end old boots-sandals from 2011 …some of you will say..yakies….but i dont care..i am still in love in them 😀


Persephone Patent Boots

Thats all..i really enjoyed and had fun writing this post:D…so i will do something like this again for sure…maybe next time…hairs?!

Taxi to;





Purrfect 10


Good morning/afternoon 🙂 ..One more lazy Sunday ..and that is day for…nothing …..but i will break my rule for today..coz i find nice place for taking photos ..well its in world store Bubblez ( outfits for doll..lolita…gothic..vampire..etc) ..  its cute store and  you should check it..maybe you will find something for you . sim has some nice corner where you can relax..take some shots and drink your first morning coffe …or whatever 🙂

black and white

BUBBLEZ1.jpg Shop is in the middle of sim  with shine colorful trees..and on one side is this beautiful music-water-tree scene



And on other side …in case that you love colors like i do …


Love Diary corner


And now back to RL…have a great Sunday and …visit Bubblez ..cute little place!!!

..:: unBra ::. MIRAGE 

It would be nice if you could runaway from your own skin …sometimes…well in RL  you cant do that…but in SL …as many times as you want:) can be black…….personally..I am in some black mood those days…but only when we talk about skin 🙂 …i tried and bought some dark skins from different shops and ofc i made a mistake.. ….but but…UnBra has new skin ..MIRAGE…..till now UnBra -Indigo was my ”default” skin for some time..and here i wana show you UnBra -MIRAGE in 2   skin tones…i pick  those 2 colors…one my favorite color C 54 and second …color for ”black” days  C 27 🙂

Mirage C 54


I bloged  about UnBra skins before i dont want to repeat myself is link to old post and there you can find more details ..but i will say ..that this pack also has also  10 skins with different make up and breast size ..several lipstick…moles….and INDIGO was for me best UnBra skin..but now that is MIRAGE:)





And my ”dark”choice is this beautiful skin tone


Also 10 skins with different make up and breast size…lipstick …and moles ….in mainstore you can find Lush and Lolas Tango applier…and Slink feet and hands applier is Phat Azz skin applier HUD with 2 unBra alpha layer ( you should try them with your phat azz)..and one more thing…eyebrow removal tattoo




More skin tones in store where you can try DEMO …your taxi is HERE

Happy shopping 🙂

Ready for dance 

Saturday….usually that should be good day for me…home alone…i have time for myself….but today was stressed day…and what is best for that kind of day?! …Yes…shopping…coz you know…

New dress per day…makes stress go away 🙂

Lara dress

Dress of the day…will be Azul Lara dress /ruby

My mood improved that moment when i entered the store :)..and i think that everyone knows that Azul is one of the best shop for this style…yeah i want all that dresses…well i have some but…itts never enought 🙂

This is gorgeous dress..Azul dresses are not mesh but nvm..they always match perfect…

This time i read notecard for dress….usually i dont do that…NC was about sistem skirt part and legs proportion  in case that you want to edit your shape and look like model..well models are skinny for my taste…but i wanted to try…and i agree with some  their proportions for legs…except knee angle…eeek…looks little retard 🙂


Anyway…i have dress……shoes….I’m not stressed anymore…and i am ready for dance 🙂

Dress:-AZUL– Lara /Ruby

Hair:.:EMO-tions.. *CHEVIA *

Jewelry: (DF) IANA set

There is no place like home 

Hello…it’s been a while i know…and good reason to ”break this silence” is second thing that i love most in SL( first is shoping ofc)….decorating home..for all those years in SL…i had many homes…i was homeless also very often but i dont minde…sandbox can be  interesting place…and you can save money for…skirt ..shirt 😀 back to home now…


For those over 9 month together …me and Jupi changed home 3 times till we didnt find this parcel…yeah its parcel ..but its full region and with 1031 prims (/me whispers:not enought  ) ..Its beach parcel but well…its autumn so…i like colors and i think that on the end will look like spring 😀


It was hard to chose pictures for blog ..coz i have milion …and this is first time that i am in love with my home 🙂


And ofc Helloween is near…in my country we dont celebrate that…but in SL i learn to celebrate everything…so in that spirit…little corner   to start prepareing for Helloween..


When i finish with pictures i will write name of stuff and shops for decor…well almost for everything..coz this will be loooong post 🙂 ..and i hope that you will like i do

And now thing that i like most in my whole garden…beautiful statue of Zelda ..made by Jupi ❤

I wanted avatar like this..and i cry for days :D..who knows maybe one dayIsnt she wonderful?!


Finally  house inside …i will skip bedroom and bathroom…not becouse its private stuff…nah its not….it will be too much…and i am not done ..yet 🙂 ..decorating needs time..and concentration 😛

Living room

dnevna soba


Music corner


And kitchen


Most furniture are from LISP….great stuff there and not expencive…but most of them have lots prims…so be ready for that

Our home is home…so its private place..not public…but we can always drink coffe with good company 🙂

Have a great day !

Living room,music corner and kitchen from LISP

Record on music corner pic made by Jupi but you can get in Lisp different

Autumn scene -PILOT – Fall Garden [Day] @ Collabor88

floorplan. tub of apples

floorplan. 3 apple crates

floorplan. candy apples platter

all @ Collabor88



Morning/afternoon…today in orient mood…well i figured that i feel perfect when i sleep only 3-4 hours 😀 …last night was…good night *winks*…this morning i wake up …make some coffie…and i try to clean my inventory like every sunday…i didnt clean much ofc…but i find this oufit  from RAMP design (store of my best friend) …take some pictures…listen some music ( btw if someone told me yesterday that i will listen this today…i wouldnt belive  rofl ) ..and i had fun  while i take pictures 🙂 so….RAMP design outfit  ROSE-feeling like goddess..beautiful complete outfit with jewelry…butterfly back tattoo…and if you have Lolas… / for boobies …you can find appliers in world in Mainstore ..for free


On me:

Skin::::unBra::: Skin Indigo C54

Hair:booN SCO052 hair chocolate

Outfit:RAMP * ROSE * Feeling like a goddess

also on Marketplace

Sage poses– Brisa (edited)

Have a good sunday 🙂

And song ofc …op op 😀

:: unBra ::. Anita 

Well hello 🙂 …i didnt blog about something serious for long its time…and reason is new :::unBra::: Skin Anita …i wear Indigo skin also from unBra for long (i usualy change skin every 2-3 weeks but not this one ) ..btw Indigo skin is updated with 3 new skin tones …you should check it…coz for one of those new tones i wanted to become black 😀 … about Anita

anita mainI wear Anita C54 ..its medium skin tone and match to my  taste and idk if you can see but i change my shape little…nose..mouth..and i love this changes..doesnt look bad …well i dont change shape ..never 🙂 ..back to skin…in pack you got 10 skins with different make up and breast size …and many lipstick(tatoo layer)…and diferent eyebrowns and moles and and…you can find in store Lush and Lolas Tango applier…and Slink feet and hands applier HUD ..i think that is enought for one woman 🙂

Let me show you how Anita skin make up looks on me :




So check ..:: unBra ::.. store for more High quality skins and there you can try DEMO of this beautiful skin …i hope that you will like it..coz like 🙂

You taxi is HERE  and happy shopping:)