POTD and little more 

Yesterday one of my picture was chose for Second life Pic of The day \o/.I am proud and honored and ofc i dont know to shut up so..i must say that i prefer landscape pictures and pics with some story rather than close up but on other side I am happy coz I am in love in my new look*winks*..do you belive that pic at first i didnt want to put on Flickr coz i didnt like it :Dbut if Second life say that is great …i belive them:) Thank you SL 🙂 (now i sound like ungrateful bitch ..but I am just honest)


So…some girls ask me about this look :


Horns: [VN] Celestial Horns-@ C88

Skin:Glam Affair – Cleo

Eyes:IKON Ardent Eyes

(diadem not come with horns..its part of some my old ugly outfit;D)

Btw this outfit was for picture -Dance with me ♥

Dance with me


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