Fly Away 

Long time ago i write about daydreaming…imagination…and safe place in your head when you can hide from reality..this morning i read that post (if you wana reading  link is HERE)..and i think….well I usually dont think early in the morning…but that happens sometimes:P…I did some things and I am sorry on one was hard to make that decision…but on another way…I lost my safe place…where i can be whatever I want…and do whatever I want..I mix some other life with reality and it was great time…but I lost myself somewhere…maybe I am selfish…but I just need to fly away…on some other time and place where everything is possible..where everything is fun ..where I am a queen..where I can dance naked on the rain..nah too much philosophy for this morning..I just..dont want to mix my fantasy and imagination with RL…coz then..they stop to be fantasy and magic is gone.. and i will lost myself again.

Fly Away

Am I dreamer….idiot….fucked up..or i have some brain disease:D I have no idea but I feel good right now in my own skin and that is important(well skin is not mine its from Glam Affair:P)

Fly Away 2

Enough philosophy for one day…time for shoping..This  cute set of poses is ofc from Uncertain smile.. Fly Way set is made for The Surreal Complex event

Fly away 3

Uncertain smile

On Marketplace

Main store in world

The Surreal Complex event

Have a great day !


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