Good Morning…one more week…but its start with a smile :D(big smile with big shiny white teeth)..even some rumors wasnt distroy my good mood-i hate online rumors..I dont belive anyone except myself…just saying…ok next subject.

L ast night i had fun in SL after some time…i was on some fashion show i have no idea where but I know with whom ….so that is enough 😛 I love fashion and i saw great outfits…models is to skini for my taste but I notice that they work hard…after 4 years this is my first serious fashion show..and last  coz it was lagy like hell and after 20 min I was boring:D(sorry for my bad english this morning…I slept only 4 hours)…anyway this is not subject of this post…but I just wana say….its nice to be judge on fashion show…sit..drink…and give points…3,4….4,5…:P

Its my pleasure to intorduce to you Uncertain smile …store for poses with props by Isabelli Anatine.First is hair and shoes love and then love for poses(for me) so from today i will write often and use most of her poses coz I like all of them 🙂 LA FETE TRISTE SET or something like..a dead in a cage is tree with wearable props and 3 animation..set is made for The Surreal Complex event but it will be in main store after event .Her event theme is Dream and you shoud check it coz she have one more nice pose set there also(I will show you on next post)

I know that this pose set is kinda death style but I alwas see things with different eyes and I am not good friend with death so…you can use it for dark pictures but i see it like this

In Cage

Ofc…I must show my Ps skills 😀

In cage 2

I take picture of just 2 animation but in set is one more,,I didnt have time to fix my wedding dress in Ps in last picture:P(am I boring with Ps?Yes I am but I dont care:D)

Have a good week and visit Uncertain smile

On Marketplace

Main store in world

The Surreal Complex event


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