And then something change you..

Back to blackl start my day with words of one Srbian-Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic…I will translate his words on English:

„And then something change you.You realize that you can not be that man from yesterday.but you dont know who will you bee tommorow.You    dont know excatly whats waiting for you but you suspect that in front of you are not good days.Then you tell yourself that they are better then days before,and that new tomorrow will enlighten you and you will see things with new eyes….“

These nights i sleep very badly..I dont know is that coz I am on diet and hungry!!…and wake up every morning with big „whole“ in my stomach( this morning i wana kill for one big fat BUREK..I cant explain what is that on English but look picture HERE nomnomnom)….or maybe it coz my conscience..just some things dont let me go…I dreamed about big black birds…cold nights…deep black wather..and bla bla …classic nightmare..and no I dont want to analyze what that mean but to be honest I think this morning little about it…about some things I did…some words which I said…and I miss that time when i belive that bogeymen live just under my bed(today bogyman looks different and they are not only under my bed )…but on the end  i figured….thats me….i never regret for choices I made…and things I ve done..and mistakes i made…they all are mine..and I know what is good for me…and I can learn from my mistakes….and I know one thing….tonight before bed I will eat something…or my next morning will be shity…who knows maybe i will dream about green fields…butterflyes and colorful flowers

And then something chnge you


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