Morning story 

Its been awhile I know…some thing have  happened and no…I dont want to think or talk about it…shit happens and i will just need little time to remember how is when you „walk alone“…also I close my sl feed but i was active on Flickr..needed little time and privacy…but on the end i figured …privacy is boring so here we go again J

I wake up this morning..wel i will say….nervous…still blind i try to make some coffee and then i saw…I DONT HAVE CIGARETTS!!(yea I should stop…but I am 2 weeks on special diet tretman –grass and cereal ..yakies….so I dont want do that to myself..I will stop one day)..anyway…hairy and stil in pajamas…i just wear my coat…boots and take umbrella coz outside was fuckin cold and rainy…and i run to near store…and there …in front of store …under the tree…one young couple under one small umbrella kissing…cold does not bother them…rain also..they kiss…hug…he  was touch her hair  ..kisses her nose…whispering something on her ear…and she smiled….I smiled also…some.. not that old memories was back to me…I look at my umbrella…it was so big…i have place under for someone else…eh…waith…I had someone….I Have no idea how long ive watched them….but in one moment they look at me…well I guess that for them I was some old hairy pervert with pajama, coat and big orange umbrella..I run in to the store :“Hello.Two box Red Bond (one is for tomorrow morning –just in case) and one umbrella..smallest that you have.“I go home with cigaretts..perfect fit umbrella ..i was totaly wet but my head was dry and my kid was happy…she got small white umrella with hearts..well I was happy also …I can finally drink my coffee in peace J

The End

PS.The piont of this story is….ALWAYS leave one or two cigaretts for the first morning coffee 😛

Morning story

Picture taken at Fotoscope


2 thoughts on “ Morning story 

    • Eh..I have that problem for years…almost every morning i run like maniac to store… I must find some good solution for that soon !!

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