Today i have  good reason for blog :)..like i said on SL feed..on this day..last year..that mean before 365 days=12 months=8.760 hours=525.600 min=31.536.000 sec me and Jupi start relationship..now i can talk  about  how everything was wonderful and magical and perfect…yes it was …with up and down moments..with laugh and tears( mine ofc:D)..with some mistakes(mine ofc)and some bad moments(also mine)..but thats all is part of one relationship.. and after all that time we are still here and happy:)…strange thing is that after all those days he is same person like when i first met him ..patient,passionate,understanding for my craziness..and yes he is my best friend:)..I am not someone who belive in “forever”..in RL…in SL..but i do belive in love:)

These  picture were taken about a  year ago



Lana & JupiHappy anniversary darling ♥♥♥


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