Winter at Dawn of Radiance-Lucky Paradise 

Hello…i wake up in not great mood this morning…and when that happens..that is signal for DO NOTHING :)but when i log in in SL and decide to visit Dawn of Radiance again ( i was there cople weeks…days ago…i am not sure when and it was beautiful autumn scene)..but today…WOW…winter comes at this lovely place !!


I must admit that i am not big fan of winter in SL but that is only coz i am not that good in taking winter shots:)…i am better with colors…but things changed this morning:D…one of reason is coz this place is wonderful…with lovely corners and spots for photography…winter trees and cute animals

Dawn II

 Silvermoon Fairey  is Owner of Dawn of nice and friendly person < was my pleasure to chat with her and blog about her lovely place

Lucky Paradise

One more shot 

Lucky Paradise

You should visit  Dawn of Radiance..beautiful winter landscape( autumn was great also…just saying:D)..there are more lovely corners for photos…relax,chat and maybe….cuddles *winks* and yes…dont forget to post pictures in flicks group HERE

I had fun  and really enjoyed and I know that you will also …have a great day !!

Taxi to Lucky Paradise


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