Places that are worth visiting 

Good morning…early morning indeed..this month my kid go at school in the i wake up every day at 6:30 am…dont ask me how i feel !!! I made some coffee…and i wanted to clean my comp from some pictures….i was lazy those days and my desktop is  totaly in mess..with SL pictures ofc ..some of them are on SL feed…some on my its time to put some on blog and show you some places which i visited those days

First of then is Nuvoletta

Nuvoletta This is a sim of Imeka pose Mainstore…and i was there to buy some poses…but i was suprised  how lovely this sim looks…autumn scene with lots of details and nice spots for taking pictures..ofc i didnt buy nothing but i take some lovely pictures 🙂

Nuvoletta II

Bonne Chance-BCC

You got  a love beautiful In world stores…and i always loved this sim…in every season…now winter comes at BCC



Guana Cay-Imagination

This sim is just breathtaking..i spend there one evening ..listen music and enjoyed this breutiful water sim filled with imagination



And for end..something colder but also beautiful

Innsmouth-a dark New England Coastal Town

New England Coastal Town II

New England Coastal Town

Have a great day..and enjoy your travel…in case that you decide to visit some of this great places xx


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