Celebrate life

 Its grey rainy day here in Serbia and i am little emotional today ..so….no its not sad story ..this story supposed to celebrate life…and all those small thing which we notice when we are in bad situation….like i said one time …for me SL is place for fun..to live some other life and to do things which you cant do in RL…but behind avatar is person..me…ok i dont look  like Lana:D ..but we have almost same…eyes 😀 😛 ..most of  my   posts are about SL ..places ..fashion..or something else connected with virtual world….but not this one..coz SL and this blog helped me to survive hard time in my life…which is finally over ..some of you knows that i had cancer..surgery one year ago… then 6 month of chemotherapy… and 1,5 month radiotherapy..now …2 month after last radiotherapy… i am cancer free 🙂 and finally I’ll be back to normal life….does this bad experiance changed me ?!…yes…i am not same person like before…i learned to respect and appreciate life….and enjoy in every morning..every sunrise…and yes i learned to dancing in the rain and that if you have a strong will..you can survive and do everything !!

Also…with this post i want to say thank you..first to Jupi…coz he was here for me in every my mood…black or white..i want to say thank you to ppl who follows me …old and new followers on SL feed and on my blog ..for all loves and comments..i really appriciate that…i do things …taking photos…blogging…coz that at first place  makes me happy and i enjoy and when i do that i forget everything bad ..at least for short time…but when ppl support that…means a lot ..so again..thank you all ❤



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