Visiting Collins Land 

I read earlier on few blogs that Collins Land ( Aqua shores ) will be re-opened for public at 1.october…and after i saw some beautiful pictures on blogs and flickr…Jupi and me visited Collins land last night

Collins Land Its quiet and peacfull place ….if you want to relax and take some or meet other ppl…coz last night this place was full of ppl

Collins land 2

The ”main” color of sim is green ..grass..trees..and some  autumn corners…but…i  love to play with different colors…so this time i use new Annan Adored WL settings ( edited by me)..and i really like them…you can check her blog for preview and download settings  HERE

Collins Land My comp was in bad mood last night  so i didnt take as many photos as i wanted ..but i think this is quite enough for short preview of this lovely place ..worth to visit

Collins Land 4

Collins Land 5

Taxi to Collins Land


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