Autumn Challenge 

Monday….i find some time for myself in this busy day…made some coffee (big without sugar and with lots of milk)…cigarettes( yeah i know that is not healthy and that i should quit 😛 ) …and i saw new meme from Strawberry Singh…its about autumn….a great way to relax…so here is mine..but before that….you can find meme instructions on Strawberry Singh post ❤ 

Autumn at home (picture is taken at my home and yes its old one ..i didnt have time today for taking photos)

1.  Is autumn your favorite season?Why or why not?-Well i dont like autumn in RL…i am more spring person..i dont like it coz i live in town ..and my town is in really ”bad mood” in this season…but if we talk about SL…oh i love it…all that colors…beautiful autumn landscapes …and nature…and everything which i dont have in RL

2. Do you call it Autumn or Fall?-I call it Autumn coz  English is not my main language and i learn it at school…so autumn is autumn…and fall…i am not sure…that is American word ?

3. What kind of weather does your area during this season? -Nah ..its rainy and grey and cold …and i need new boots coz they say that weather will be like this for long..but we have some sun moments..but they are short is 9˚C !!!

4. Which color do you always associate with autumn?-Two answers…in RL…grey ..but in SL…golden-yellow…orange…brown

5. Which autumn themed sim is your favorite at the moment ? -I have few…but ofc i love my home on first place…its not open for public…i also love Kittens Heaven( i bloged about that place) and The Trace( my blog post here)

Thanks Berry for this was fun 🙂


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