My view on Kittens Heaven 

This was busy RL day…and i relax myself  visiting Kittens Heaven this afternoon…

Visiting Kittens Heaven

I always loved Isabelli’s taste for decorating and ofc her WL settings…most of my pictures are taken with her WL…and some of my best shots are taken on her sim (Kittens Heaven before this )

Kittens Heaven

Lovely autumn scene with lots of poses  fot pictures…and rezz permison if you wana use your own pose…colorful trees…corners for cuddles and relax…ofc many cats and some case that you wana drink tea with them 😀


Also her store Uncertain Smile is there ..with great poses with props

I spend some time this afternoon at Kittens Heaven and take  lots of photos…but i am not done…there are more to see so you should go and check…i will again 🙂



Kittens autumn


 Taxi to Kittens Heven


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