Ordinary autumn story 

Good morning …..last night  while i was jumping around SL and try to find place for taking some pictures…you know….autumn is IN now 🙂 …it just start and i am already sick of it  ..in RL ofc…but in SL…i love colors which autumn brings ….anyway …while i take pictures I rememberer ..colors reminde me what my kid wrote for her Homework ..about autumn …I taking pictures and i was smileing all the time 🙂 …like i said before…she is 9..and its simple story about autumn  and i will try to translate on english …to be honest on my language sounds better 🙂

the smell of autumn

Painter fall come in yellow car and painted everything in gold…she painted colorful autumn flowers and green meadows…she and her friend wind …made rustling carpet of fallen leaves….white clouds  float across the sky ..and sun is sad coz its no longer bright and warm like before

Colors of autumn

Maybe this sound sad…but its not…i love autumn…i love autumn rain…i love wind through my hair…and i love when he tickles my face..i love that autumn colors…yellow-gold…orange…red..

Also there is a fruit…sweet fruit..thousands of apples,pears,quince and grapes…and they wait to be picked …and my mother makes the best apple pie..so how that i dont like autumn 🙂


Heh:)…i am not sure if translation is good..but you will understand i hope 🙂

And now me ….well LM of this place i find on flick like i said..that is sim for rent with lots of small parcels….and this one is someones home but its open for public….if i translate  right Japanese :D….Lm is there so i will put it here also …anyway this is small but cute autumn corner at Wisteria

Have a great sunday !


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