There is no place like home 

Hello…it’s been a while i know…and good reason to ”break this silence” is second thing that i love most in SL( first is shoping ofc)….decorating home..for all those years in SL…i had many homes…i was homeless also very often but i dont minde…sandbox can be  interesting place…and you can save money for…skirt ..shirt 😀 back to home now…


For those over 9 month together …me and Jupi changed home 3 times till we didnt find this parcel…yeah its parcel ..but its full region and with 1031 prims (/me whispers:not enought  ) ..Its beach parcel but well…its autumn so…i like colors and i think that on the end will look like spring 😀


It was hard to chose pictures for blog ..coz i have milion …and this is first time that i am in love with my home 🙂


And ofc Helloween is near…in my country we dont celebrate that…but in SL i learn to celebrate everything…so in that spirit…little corner   to start prepareing for Helloween..


When i finish with pictures i will write name of stuff and shops for decor…well almost for everything..coz this will be loooong post 🙂 ..and i hope that you will like i do

And now thing that i like most in my whole garden…beautiful statue of Zelda ..made by Jupi ❤

I wanted avatar like this..and i cry for days :D..who knows maybe one dayIsnt she wonderful?!


Finally  house inside …i will skip bedroom and bathroom…not becouse its private stuff…nah its not….it will be too much…and i am not done ..yet 🙂 ..decorating needs time..and concentration 😛

Living room

dnevna soba


Music corner


And kitchen


Most furniture are from LISP….great stuff there and not expencive…but most of them have lots prims…so be ready for that

Our home is home…so its private place..not public…but we can always drink coffe with good company 🙂

Have a great day !

Living room,music corner and kitchen from LISP

Record on music corner pic made by Jupi but you can get in Lisp different

Autumn scene -PILOT – Fall Garden [Day] @ Collabor88

floorplan. tub of apples

floorplan. 3 apple crates

floorplan. candy apples platter

all @ Collabor88


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