Evening @ MiLova 

Good morning..ofc morning around noon:) ..what to do…write a blog or wash hair and go to town to buy some more stuff for school…yes just few days and back to school again…nightmare ( ok i dont go to school but my douther goes…thats almost the same 🙂 )..Blog and big black coffe with milk first that i can start the day !!

Last night/evening me and Jupi jump around and explore some lands..this LM i think that i find on flickr in some group…but its nice place and we take some photos there….so we spend most of our night there ..taking pics ..talking…and..you know…talking *winks*

Serenity Gardens-MiLova

MiLova Door.jpg

If you want to explore or if you want romantic place…this one is perfect for everything…on one side is forest with great colors and spots for taking pictures and on other side of sim you can find caves, waterfalls, rustic, coastal shores and romantic beach areas…little bit of everything



I didnt take much photos..just few for SL feed coz SL was evil last night..but thats nothing new..and for sure is that i will be back there for more photos…and yes …this land have rezz permission…and that is important for me…i bet for most ppl is

Me and you.jpg


We spend great evening there…btw with right WL setting this place look amazing and i didnt take pics of lots of details there…you should check it i know that you will like it 🙂 also Belle Epoque. Home to Savoir Faire Shapes & Poses store is there..just up in the sky


And Jupi did test video…its short and without sound but it looks great ..so one day i hope that he will make a video of this beautiful place…and ofc with me like main actor rofl

Have a great day !!!


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