:: unBra ::. Anita 

Well hello 🙂 …i didnt blog about something serious for long ..now its time…and reason is new :::unBra::: Skin Anita …i wear Indigo skin also from unBra for long (i usualy change skin every 2-3 weeks but not this one ) ..btw Indigo skin is updated with 3 new skin tones …you should check it…coz for one of those new tones i wanted to become black 😀 …ok..now about Anita

anita mainI wear Anita C54 ..its medium skin tone and match to my  taste and idk if you can see but i change my shape little…nose..mouth..and i love this changes..doesnt look bad …well i dont change shape ..never 🙂 ..back to skin…in pack you got 10 skins with different make up and breast size …and many lipstick(tatoo layer)…and diferent eyebrowns and moles and and…you can find in store Lush and Lolas Tango applier…and Slink feet and hands applier HUD ..i think that is enought for one woman 🙂

Let me show you how Anita skin make up looks on me :




So check ..:: unBra ::.. store for more High quality skins and there you can try DEMO of this beautiful skin …i hope that you will like it..coz ..me like 🙂

You taxi is HERE  and happy shopping:)


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