Good girls go to Heaven – Bad girls go to unBra !

TGIF!! Finaly little time for myself…SL..and you know on what i work all afternoon today??I played in Photoshop :D..well that is too much for me…first i am blondie(in rl and sometimes in sl)..second i like  clear SL pictures…only with WL settings…ok sometimes i put some blur or sharpen on pics…resize…crop…that basic things i know..but today i wana try something diferent…to put 5-6 little pictures in one big…dont laught!!:Dfor some ppl this is easy but for me sdjshdjfhjdhfj…well first time it alwasy hard:P…but what is important …i had fun…and i want to show you all make up of 2 new beautiful skin from ..:: unBra ::Skin Indigo and Abella

Good girls go to Heaven – Bad girls go to unBra !

(i stole this from ‘about store’)

Ok and now…...:: unBra ::Skin Indigo C54

Indigo C54 ( thisC54 is skin-tone and this is kinda medium…well this skin tone match to my style…but i will show you down skin information picture and you will know what all numbers and letters mean )On this pic i wear Lolas coz i like it…but breast looks great without Lolas also coz in pack you will got many option for breast size( skin not tatto layer)..see pictures and you will now about what i talking

___ unBra ___ product information =_ skinAnd make up in 10 colors also skin no tatoo layer and my masterpiece picture  😀 well i am satisfied ..not bad ffor first time 🙂

Indigo make up 1

INDIGO MAKE UP 2 Nope i am not done 🙂 and with all of this you will also got several lipstick in tattoo layers and in shop you can buy Lush and Tango applier,Slink feet Appliers and Slink hands Appliers in case that you need them

Now when i wrote everything..i can show you pictures of another beautiful skin Abella C54

AbellaEverything what you got with Indigo skin…you got with Abella also ..coz that i will not write 2 times i will just show you pictures

Abella make up 1

Abella make up 2 So now i am done …but i am not sure which one i will wear it first coz i like them bouth..and so many things in pack …so they worth every $L..creator did i realy good job).and did i said that in Main shop is sale…skins are 50% should go and check …you can get High quality skins for low price

And on the end …i always have something more to say :)i usualy dont care what ppl will say but for those ‘evil tongues’  who always criticize me when i said that i am not classic fashion bloger and that i blog about what i want..and about stuff which i like ..depends of my mood..i will just say that by accident creator is my friend….and  thanks him for this beautiful gifts:)

Now shopping time!!Have a great weekend everyone

Tp to store when you can get those great skins HERE

And Tp to Mainstore


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