Still Believe In Fairy Tales 

For a long time i collect years …good and bad moments…and i keep them all in my pocket…some of them are deep down…and some are on the top…that from time to time i can pull them out..look at them…smile…and again put back in pocket ...some rare moments …sometimes i put in frame …near the bed…that when i open my eyes in the morning …when i look at them…i remember that moments really existed…

rare moments.jpgLike this morning 🙂 ..last night i pull out from pocket some moments from childhood and put them in frame…they will stay there from sometime…coz they reminde me …they reminde me that long time ago i I believed in fairy tales…i believed in princess,dragons,elfs,sleeping beauties(i think that i still i have that sleeping beautie sindrom:D 🙂 …that i believed in happy ending …in that words…And They Lived Happily Ever After…well after all those years …i am not sure about last one…coz nothing last forever …but i ask myself …do i still believe in fairy tales?!…and answer is yes…life is much easyer when you Believe 🙂 

On me:

Pic 1 : pose+butterflies-Ma Vie Mavi Beck-Changes 01 @ My Attic

Pic 2: Boon hair SC0052

Outfit:*VoguE* Erica Jacket ~ Sun

Pictures are taken at beautiful place Westdell

Westdell 1.jpg

Westdalle 2.jpg


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