And Show Must Go On 

Finally i am in the mood to write something…this is kinda private post…but idc…i mix SL and RL …i always did…and i dont want and i cant separate…last tuesday i finished chemotherapy….6 long…painful…shity months its finally over …and i will just say that i am proud of myself…and happy coz i am still normal after all..well ..normal…that is question:D…next month i will not be much online…coz i have one month X-ray therapy in other town..but that is nothing compared to all previously…and this was kinda answer to some ppl who ask me did i stop bloging…nope i didnt…i just dont have much time…but i will…soon …also i want to say that this ‘experience’taught me a  enjoy and pay attention to the little things…coz that small things makes life beautiful..i learned to apriciate what i have in my life…and i have a lot..i learned that whatever must go on..and…the pain of yesterday is the strenhgt of today

Feel free



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