SL Names Meme 

Like usualy …my yellow rl minutes catch me…and i take a break for cople days from everything…watch movies…spend time with my kid…and that kind of stuff:) …SL wasnt on to do list those days…but i am back and i saw new Strawberry Singh SL Names Meme…short one this time..and perfect for my mood now:) …so here is mine :

1.What’s your SL name?-Lana Quicksand

2.What made you choose this name?-Weel i have no idea…first i wanted to put Nora ..but that is my RL name..then i just delete and wrote Lana…so no long magic…that was first on my minde then

3.What’s your SL nickname,or what do most ppl call you ?-Quicksand,Lana Quicksand (Bond..James bond 😛 )…nah all ppl call me Lana!!

4.What’s your SL display name?-Well for about 4 month my display name is Lana Shinn…my SL bf…is Jupi Shinn…and his brother is Charlie Sheen…and his uncle is Martin Sheen..and his …oh my….and on my language Sheen is Shinn..and i just must take his surname :D..ok i will stop 😀

5.Do you like your SL name?-Yeap

6.If you can change your SL name what would it be ?-Edit Melba Atrois (btw if you ever watch Allo Allo you will know who is she 😀 )

7.What’s the craziest/funiest SL name you’ve ever seen?-ProteusMirabilis ..when i saw that name i died laughing…that is name for urinary bacterium..who is very stubborn..and you can not easily get rid of it….great name 😀 

8.What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name that you ever seen?Hm..for sure that i saw some..but i can not  remember any of them right now !

Short…relaxing and interesting meme…i just write what was first on my minde 😀

Have fun !

Oh and this is my pet…Cica Mica Carte Blanche:D




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