My 10 SL Firsts Meme 


I never participate in any Strawberry Singh meme but i read all and it was fun:) this is my first time and maybe i should go back on some old..this meme is good way to reminde us on some things from past which we forget…well i forget it…and now i will see if i can remember all of them..

1.First SL Friend:Rocker-i know him from one other game and i met him first day when i come in SL..he is still on my friend list ..we dont hang out together coz we have different friends but we still talk often ..and he is my oldest friend here

2.First SL Kiss:French kiss or another one ?:D I think with my first partner ..kisses before that i dont remember 🙂

3.First SLex time/place/partner:Belive it or not that was my in SL…i was on some place with lots of balls…blue and pink(that was free sex place and dont ask me how i get there)…some guy IM me..and we start to talk..normal conversation…and he told me…left click on this pink ball and sit…and i did it!!!….when i saw in what position i am…i go ofline :D..and that is a story how i lost my virginity….if that counts coz i didnt have know..any “tool” for sex then :D…for about 2 mounth i didnt know how  to wear my pants…today NooBs know much more !

4.First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Housband:I will not say his name..we was together for about 6 mounth..and that wasnt love…that was more…friendship..we bouth needed someone for exploring and learn how to ‘play’ SL…also i was once SL married…big wedding and everything….gawd …i never going to do that again!! most SL marriages that one didnt have happy ending 😀

5.First SL Job:I never worked in SL..i have hard job in RL so i am in SL to have fun and enjoy….i have no nerve and time for SL work

6.First SL Creation: Ah…it was one shirt i think with letters ..Lana+ fdsjkhgj..oh my….after that i made some shape and skins…i open store on Marketplace…but i didnt do that for long….i am satisfied with shapes coz its easy job..but with nope..i dont have time and i must to learn more things…so that was just a try to be creator 😀

7.First Encounter with a Linden: I never met a Linden and i can live with that 🙂

8.First Encounter with a SLebrity:hm… i will skip this answer coz i dont know what is that !!

9.First SL Sim you fell in love with:Alirium and its still my favorite place…i love colorful nature sims..and most of mine pistures are taken on places like that

10.First SL blog post:I started with blog 4 months ago….so i am beginner:)…and this is my first post that i classified as serious:D..btw this is my 50th post …YAY!

I realy have fun with this meme…i hope that you will also when you read it:)


Picture location:Cours-:)BCC


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