Yesterday i watched my 8 years old daughter…she wrote homework for school about happiness…i laughed…for her happines is runing in park with her dog..chocolate before lunch…icecream before summer that she can tell her friends that she eat it before  time :D…hug when she is sick….story before she go to bed…kiss for goodnight….all this small things make her happy..I stopped laughing…she is right..yes i am dreamer…and that kinde of person who walk little on ground …and more on clouds…most of my time…runing tru the fields of gold…playing with butterflyes…but my view on happiness is now diferent then when i was 8..then was .so pure and inocent…ah i miss that time…we all do i think…

From  kids we can learn 3 things..again coz we forget that :be happy for no reason…that is always something interesting around us and that we must fight  and stand up for things which we want !

So…today i wear my spring butterfly dress…singing…listen to the music…take pictures….and i was happy and i dont need reason 🙂



Happiness2.jpgBeautiful dress byBoudoir

Pictures taken at Alirium


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