*LpD* – *Lara* 

Today my friend ask me why i am not on some SL fashion feed…well like i said before i am fashion maniac like most woman in SL..but i am not fashion blogger…yeah  sometimes i write about my LOTD (like today for example) and only feed where i am is SL  feed..you can follow me there also …and i like to blog about diferent thing ..i like storys..landscapes…sometimes i share my private things and feelings here…also when i dont like something i said that…sometimes i am not in the mood to write nothing for days…i dont want obligation …i want to do whan i want and when i want..only that can make  me happy 🙂 and dont get me wrong but i wouldnt enjoy if i just put pictures and styling card in posts..i dont have nothing against that and i follow many fashion blogs..but that is not my style ..so if you know some SL feed where all this is posibble…tell me coz i am not much in that 🙂

Now my today look…one of those dress that you just must love it…LpD(Les Petits Details)…that is amazing shop…with great style…i have lots stuff from there…but its never enought …so if you want to send me a gift…pick whatever from here you will not make mistake (kidding ofc ) 😀


Dress is not mesh but who cares when she look and fit perfect..comes in long and short version…depends what you like…for me short version is my choice for today..and looks better on me …complete outfit comes with mesh jacket and dress but i bought just dress….and they sold separately in mainstore not on marketplace…go and check this great store..you will finde something for yourself i am sure 🙂

LpD2.Dress:*LpD* – *Lara*

Hair:*booN  SCO052 hair black

Picture location:The Citadel of the AdEternum Horde

Song for today


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