A view on my Inventory 

Morning…back from black 🙂

I just open my eyes and make some coffe and look tru the window…and you know what?!…its SNOW again !!..yeah spring comes in my town nah…but that isnt subject of this post…i will think about snow latter when i go out to shoping 🙂

Yesterday i clean my inv and i find this outfit…i totaly forget about that…that is one of mine favorite from Indyra Originals..i have many stuff from that store but this one was always my No.1…and no its not mesh but who cares when he looks this good 🙂


You got 3 looks in one outfit..pants…skirt..with hat..bla bla…many possibilites and each looks lovely


This outfit includes:

-Ruffled collar top
-Silver Bangles
-2AntiqueTop Hats (1black&1brown leather)
-2Antique Pouch Belts(1black&1brown leather)
-2Antique wrist cuffs (1black&1brown leather)
-Vintage prim, laceup corset
-1 Long flexi skirt
-1 pair prim cuffed slacks

For lazy ones this is link on Marketplace and TP in world here

And this is my song for good morning 🙂 Have a good day !


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