Somewhere at Inception 

This will be one short post..i didnt touch blog for several days..few days after chemotherapy i feel like fsdkfjsdkfffj…but i will be ok soon always 🙂 …this morning i was short online and i decide to check some places which i put in my <must visit> NC..yesterday i wanted that also but it was bad day to it was better …i jump on some places butttttttttt…they didnt match to my today mood:)..but this one…right place


 Inception….i have no idea from where i get this LM…from feed or Flick…and its not important..and idk nothing about it..except what is written in Lm of this place…its someones home…but its open for public..and i realy enjoyed time there..


Peaceful place..just what i need today

somewhere 2

..and for short forget..where..why….how…what..

 Worth visiting Inception


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