One more Spring post 

First…i will start my day with something sweet…yummi…sugar in my blood is very low this morning/day…i know i know..too much cigarets and coffee last night 😛


Uh ..if i only have somethig like this in RL now…but i must satisfied with chocolate:D

So..last night i  go and check my old favorite places see is spring comes there…coz i am realy tired of winter..and first jump was succesful..


Spring comes @ Whispering wind also that is L2 studio on other side (small house shop  ) and on other Tatty Soap…this sim is great…they…he..she..idk who..but this is realy good job..full with details all around..birds…cats…colorful trees..ah i was so excited :D…everybody knows that when i find colors like this..that is better than sex for me(ok i lie now but you know what i mean ):D

I just sit and enjoyed the view

ViewOn one side


And on another

another sideThere is 2 little house….i wish that i can put home location and live there..coz details and furniture in that houses  and around them…simply perfect..many places for taking photos…relax..i will put here just one pic from one house that you can see how detailed and lovely decor is inside

insideLike i said before…great job…lovely sim and is worth to visit

Taxi to Whispering wind

My song for today


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