Cherry Blossom

“One touch of nature makes the world kin.”

This is written  on LM of this beautiful place…and my word for that is…Spring Beauty!!…idk how i didnt know about this amazing place before coz like everybody knows i like colorful and shine sims and landscapes…i discover this place last night ..i saw one picture on flick with some shape and i go to chech shape store…but i finde something was WOW..colors and i totaly forget why i go there..i start to taking pictures..and i just couldnt stop…i will not talk much …just look pictures ..and i didnt explore every peace of this place …i will do that today…my first coffe now will be there coz they have nice shiny cafe….and next taking pictures with HIM ..will be there also…coz i saw cople of cuddles coner ..i must check  everything today..oh and did i say that they have kitticats miniature museum?!:D..ok stop talking ..and after you see this pictures i know that you will go to explore this beutiful colorful place..have fun and enjoy like i did !

SignsThis is what i first saw when i TP there


Cherry Blossom


VetrenjacaTaxi to Cherry Blossom


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