Green Light for fools?!

Idk why ..maybe coz its spring and man hormons are wild then…well not only men:D..or maybe coz i open my sl life to public….i mean my feed is open…well i dont have nothing to hide and i like to share things. but somethimes i think that is maybe mistake…but idc …or maybe that is coz…or maybe feed Topless Tuesday is quilty for everything 😀

Topless TuesdayI posted this pic on feed for Topless Tuesday..well i dont need to explain why ..what…and i realy dont care what ppl will think…everything is ok till i have fun and laught…but after this picture my IM…PM..friend requests..its not normal….yeah every girl love compliments but when they are with taste ofc….and yes i got different kind of IMs  always..and i can handle that…ofc i always laught how ppl can be stupid..or i just ignore them…but i cant belive what one picture can do ..and i am not naked…hm..that reminde me..maybe on next pic i will be :P..and should i say that this is only pixsel?! rl that evening i had big warm sweater…coz it was cold here 😀

xxxxxx  : damn baby looks so hot the way you get f**** deep(to be honest i dont have idea what he wanted to say)

xxxxxx:hey i saw your picture and i know that you want long big hard c*** to f*** you good

xxxxx:i was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place and let me slide my thick black c*** deep inside you.

xxxxx:bich come to s*** me

That is just some of mine admires 😀 and in the end i want to say…that i am happy..and in love…and nope i dont need sex and c****…thank you but i am totaly satisfied in every way :P..and if sometimes i show my pixsel boobies or ass…that is NOT green light for anyone..but fools will always be..SL is big world!

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein


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