Never say Never to Lola’s 

Happy March Everyone…i am little late but this is mine first post in march…i will be more active this month…i think:D…well spring is on the door and i go in spring with new boobies ..YAY boobies!!…yeah i know we live in SL mesh era..mesh heads(which i also have and i wear it some time but..nah long story…i just dont like it)…next..mesh hands …well that i have also but i cant change nails or wear rings and that is big deal for me :D….so i dont wear it..mesh genitalias..hum…that i wear when i remember :D..mesh lashes…eyes….ok i try everything  but for one thing i said NO NEVER…never say never…mesh boobies:D…i saw around girls with abnormal big boobs…and i dont have nothing against that but that is  just not my style…and i never think to buy one till i didnt saw that some girls have nice boobs..almost look like real and not to big…hm…ok i try one demo…nah…i try another demo…nah..and then 2 days ago me and my love went in Lolas store coz i heard that are best mesh boobies …but no demo….and bla bla …i got gift from him…BOOBIES:D…and this is how they looks on me 

BoobiesWell…tastes are diferent but i said ..WOW…i must admit that when i first wear it i was confused…what now?!…and after some time i remember to open notecard :D…creator wrote there everything …well you must read it and follow what she said and you will be done in 5 min …somethimes i am such a blondie:D


I thought that i will never match boobies with my skin..but i was wrong…27 diferent skin tones..and skin fixer..and hud color (i didint use hud)..and 3 types of nipples with 16 diferent texture and accesories ..piercings(who knows maybe i will need that one day)…and that doesnt help you….now almost every skin store made appliers for Lolas..oh yes and they are resizable ofc…well every day i make them biger +1 :D…i am afraid what will happen on the end 😀

Lola i need stuff with TANGO APPLIERS..and i already find many good things to wear coz creators in SL now try to make more and more stuff with appliers..but unfortunately some of mine favorite stores still didnt do that and idk if they will…so i will not wear them always..and trust me…they are great for special know 😛

Taxi to Lolas

btw dont aks me why this song rofl


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