Lust-The sand hills country 

Time for Lust..another of mine favorite place..idk and to be honest idc if someone already write about this place…and i bet that was…coz its beautiful..but this is how i see it…


Is a great place…there you can see farm spirit:) fields…sheeps…cows…and on the other side…river with ducks…lighthouse…part with amazing colorful trees….in one word…my taste of sim:)

And yes…for me one more important thing is rezz permision…coz everybody knows that i am crazy for taking photos…single..couples…and here ..autoreturn is off…so thank you owner:D

Lust II

Do i need to tell something about colors and lights?Oh..just look this pictures…and trust me…with every WL settings this place look gorgeous..and with DOF(Depth of field)wich i use for my first pic here.(just little) will get blur and colors which spills all over..go and explore this amazin sim and have fun with taking pictures

Lust 3

TAXI to Lust


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