Something about DOF (Depth of Field)

Many ppl ask me about DOF and blur backgroun d on most of mine LOTD i will just show…it will be short story…and i hope that it will be helpful…and understanding..

First i use Firestorm viwer for can download it here ..second comp is not that strong that can handle hight SL graphic  lights and shadows always…so i  do that only when i taking pictures…so go on viwer in Avatar<Preferance<Graphic and you will get something like this

dofChose advanced and you will get menu like down…check everything like on pic and DOF ofc

DOF 1When you do that…up in right coner you will see DOF part…click on that and this we will open

Dof 2Play with this buttons and you can chose how strong..blur DOF you want..ofc dont forget to click apply and ok:)

And for example if you take pic of your avatar or some other details and you want just blur all this and then ALT  on your keyboard and mouse click on your avatar or something else and you will see …your pixsel will be clean and you will get blur and practice and results will be great

This is one of my favorite pic with DOF



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