Let’s Play

When i was kid first i wanted to play piano…then guitar…well i try in one punk period in my life…but that doesnt sounds good trust me :D….and then when i was older…instrument which fascinate me till today…is cello…hudge..clear..deep ..powerfull sound…i remember a movie from 1980’s…Electric Dreams…part witch cello and compiuter duet 😀 …i watched that movie milion times …well till today i didnt learn to play any instrument..but in SL i am realy good in that:P …go shoping ..get a good dress for playing…and tp to Humanoid..and lets play 🙂


Btw …today i listened 2CELLOS bend…2 amazing boys from Croatia.. they taking the cello to a new level and breaking the boundaries between different genres of music.

Oh la la

Enjoy…their music is really amazing

Oh yes..if someone is interesting…i wear lovely Oh la la dress from Boudoir and Exile hair..and like i said ..pictures  taken at Humanoid


2 thoughts on “Let’s Play

    • Ofc that i heard..i love Apocalyptica..but this boys are almost my “neighbours”..so they need support::)….Apocalyptica is ….just you know…Apocalyptica:) …..thaks for link …and btw when we talk about them…one of my favorite:)

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