Daydreaming…walking tru the green field….garden of beauties and piece…talking with birds…flying with butterflies…walk under the rainbow..travelling to the places you were never been before…feeling the breeze of life…wandering …daydreaming…


Escape from reality…live in your own world…which you create in your can be what you want to be…or who you want to be..almost the same like in place..your time…your dreams…even for short


In mine years…with RL problems  and everything…its harder to go there….but i still do long time ago when i was kid…no i dont live in dreams..and yes i escape from reality sometimes in my safe zone…and idc if someone will said that is wrong..coz after every my travelling my reality looks colorful and bright 🙂

Day dream

So…close your eyes and travell:) and you know….you can dream of in two:)


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