I wake up this morning…and decide that i need some changes…so when you dont know what to do with yourself…change your avi …and you wil feel will be nice if we can do that in RL..go to shop…buy new shape…new skin….new boobies…new brain:D..and come back home like totaly new person….well till the day when that will be posible:D i will do that in SL :)…i know i know…many ppls said that avi is not important thing..and i agree that behinde every avatar is person with feelings bla bla…..that i respect…but i love good looking avi  and that is one of reason why i love SL…you can look like Merlin Monro if you want:)


I buy this gorgeous skin this morning at Essences..btw i never wear teeth coz with most of them i look like rabbit…but this dont look bad…and this is lipstick with teeth so i can wear skin without them…so i love my new look and i hope that i will wear it longer then cople month:D

And song for today  is great  song and video from Pink….i rape replay button all day :D..



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