OH well this happen tonight…it will be short story…i dont have idea why some bloger do that if they dont want that other ppl wear this stuff…why they bloged then???..tonight i met a girl..and she told me that i stole her outfit…pics…at first i didnt understand coz i buy all my stuff like i said…and ofc i folow others blog and when i like something i buy it ..like most ppl..and this outfit which i wear today and yes i finde it on her blog ..but i didnt blog about it….and i didnt tought to blog it but maybe i shoud do that now 😛 …i bet that many other girl buy outfit like mine…and skin like mine…maybe i should raport them??next suject is mine baner pic…i saw cople pic like that coz that pose from what next i think was very popular when they realese it…and that hoodie on pic also..so what?…i saw on flick cople pic same…well i think that shops in sl must seel everything limited..just 2 peaces and who buy..buy..now i am sorry coz i didnt blog about that outfit from baner pics…on the end i will just say that some ppl think that they OWN SL….and that they should NOT blog if they dont want that ppl “copy” them…if someone copy mine look…. hm…dont look at styling card under my posts :Pthere is no reason why is that there..:P

And yes sorry if i wear something what other ppl do…and some things from other blog…of is some of mine outfit same  like their..or their like mine(something like that)…..shit happens


2 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. Some bloggers have NO business blogging! The point to blogging is 1.blog what you love. 2. Bloggers generate sales for designers. Bloggers who attack other bloggers for something they saw on their blog and bought AND did not blog are not smart. If I was the designer I’d be upset

    with the attacking blogger. Lana open your feed and do NOT let the clueless stop you from buying fabulous designs! If they don’t want to see avatars in things they should NOT blog it.

    • Thanks for you suport Colleen…ofc that i will blog and open feed…i just need litle break..i dont have nerve for shits ..but maybe that is price when you open your SL for everyone…i dont feel that i did something wrong..and when she contact me i said …oh i love your blog and i folow it from the start…and yes i have many things from her blog…but that is not HER stuff..she just blog about them…coz at first i thought that she is joking…but ppl are strange…i am little disapointed rigth now but it will be ok after some time:) xxx

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