One more day 

Hello :D..hum what i will do today??..nothing…i spend all day in world shoping…try to find what i will wear …and all stuff looks same…nah…i need something new…and i think that most creator in SL(i said most not all)….just resel full perm items with their own textures…nah..i need something new…or on the end i will start to learn Blender lol …well that is mission imposible…i try one time and…well i am blondie…so i will just stay on shopping:) ..and after 4 hours of search…i find one new shop for hair and for this outfit…maybe its not new but for me it is 🙂


This top and shirt ..they sold separately and i have no idea why…its 250 L…each and yes its little expencive…for example they can put this together and sell it little cheaper..but who ask me :D…i bought it coz i like this combination….i didnt have much inspiration for clothing today…and when i see something what i like…ofc idc how much costs….and with this outfit i am now WOW…but i am satisfied:D…one more time i must said that i dont want to be rude…but i dont bloging for creators….and i bought all my stuff so i can said my opinion and criticize if i want 🙂 i know i am such pain in the ass today 😀

HairOh hair and oh jewelry!!…me like….especially jewelry…MiWardrobe Japanese Coin set …and its limited edition @ L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R .…and hair…well to be honest i never heard about this shop Eaters Coma..but some cool hairs there…and i will check it more often now…i know i know this hair looks like some my old hairs…but who cares..i have hair fetish so…its never enought hairs:)

On me:

Hair:Eaters Coma – HAIR 09 / MAUVE

Top and pants:MichaMi: Bisset Peplum Bustier in Brick

MichaMi: Dench Flared Slacks in Brick

Jewelry:MiWardrobe – Japanese Coin set – Gold & Red @ . L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R .

Pic location:Image Essentials


2 thoughts on “ One more day 

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you have those days too Lana! You are always wearing something different and looking so well put together! Again today you look fabulous. Love love love this look!!

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