Pretty Pierrot 

Some time ago…before 4-5 month..i had realy bad period in my life and i dont want to remember that…but today i try to find something on my comp…and i find some pictures from that time..then i go to flick and look at mine old photos….you know…i figured that from that bad time i have some realy great pics…i dont talk about WL or pic efect…i talk about feeling…i talk about that …when you give yourself  in something …nah maybe i am wrong …but today when i look at this pic….just…..i dont want to remember :)…but this one is one of my favorite….

Pretty PierrotAh i remember that i needed 2 hours to make this scene like i want  but when i have a “vision”that is seious thing:D

And like every my post…every my pic…this one also have everything with music

Amazing movie and one of the best song on world 🙂

(This outfit is from Boudoir)


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