Greetings from Venexia

-Hello darling..yes i just arive at Venexia…i know i know we wanted to explore together..and we will when you have time .and we will make video also .. place is great…and rezz is alowed..yes that is good thing….you know we can also rent home here..but maybe not…its RP know that i dont like RP..but anyway its nice place for taking photos….so i will do some quick shots just to show you and i will be back till dinner..yes dont worry…its not cold  and i wear my new Rebel Hope coat and that Baiastice boots which you like..i will come home soon….kisses 🙂


Nah i am sorry coz i come here alone but i will do just some good shots and next time i will come here with him:)

Venexia 2

Oh water all around…i did smart things when i wear this first look i thought that this sim looks little cold…but no with right WL it can look great… if you dont like stone and water…there you will change your mind.:) more shot


Well..i try to find some bistro to drink something…coffee or maybe a beer…but  i only find blood bar(RP thing ofc)…so next time i will take coffe with me:)

I didnt find coffee but i find place  to buy some loubster  or fish to prepare dinner for my love when i get back home…well i think that he will do that coz i am tired and this heels killing me:)


Till next time…greetings from Venexia🙂


On me:

Hair:::Exile:: LIttle Talks: Naturals

Coat:!Rebel Hope – Channing Mesh Coat Dress Wine

Boots:* Baiastice_Knee platform stretch boots-fabric-black

Tights:Izzie’s – Gradient Tights

Sunglasses:MG – SunGlasses – Milano Cats-Eye 40’s – Prints and Patterns

Scarf:R.icielli – LongScarf Skull #BlackGold Print

Camera with HUD:Leica

Mobile phone:-.label motion.-My mobile phone Subscriber Gift


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