Whispering Wind

Hm..i think that i am sick:D..i slept just 4 hours..but i wake up with smile on my face ..big big one…and that last more than month…every morning..is that normal??Nope…but if i start with psychoanalysis..this will be one more  blog about love:Dso i will just drink my coffe..shut up…and have stupid smile on my face 😛

It not often that i say WOW when i wear something…coz i am never satisfied ofc:)i think that i always can better…but this look i realy like…and btw i spend beautiful night with my “better half “that evening when i wear this (ok ok i will stop) 😀

Whispering wind

Oh i love this pants..its old Celoe pants and i almost forget about them…i finde them when i clean my inventory…so you should do that also…i bet that you will finde many good old stuff:)

And Maitreya shoes..what to say …like all their  things..perfect…ok they are maybe little expencive..but worth it…this shoes you can wear with socks..without…diferent color…diferent heels..many many options

Whispering Wind II

Dura hair..can you belive that this is boys hair?:)Idc…me like:)…i always buy male hair from that shop coz looks good on me and i dont think that i will like to see hair this style on my bf :Dsorry but thats my taste :)..now i can talk about sweater…necklace..bangles …that will be to much…so i will just put styling card …and one more pic of this nice place…Whispering Wind…that is new location of Tatty Soup shop(older one i liked more but this one is nice also )

WL settings on this pic-Isabelli jazz night and taxi to Whispering Wind HERE

Styling card:


Sweater:!Rebel Hope – Charlie Mesh Sweater Gray@Fameshed


Shoes:Maitreya Gold * Suave Raven

Bangles:Damasc – GOLD by MG@Collabor 88

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer  – Paris Black Diamond

Earrings:[ glow ] studio  Decoy Gold Earrings

Enjoy your day😀


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