Small town of Green++pretty island

I decided to write about this beautiful place coz that is one of mine favorite places in SL and i take many pics there …first i will say that sim now looks diferent..ofc i loved autumn scene which this sim had before…but now winter looks much better…sim is published for shooting…and rezz is alowed…that means that you can rezz your own poses and stuff if you need then ..coz sim already have much animation for couples and for single also…that makes this sim pefect for takeing photos…so first part of sim (tp point) is little town with bistros..bakery..and animation is all around..and inside cafe also…

On the other side of sim…on the end of street comes best part:)beautiful winter scene..bridge…nature…campfire with nice animations..just go around and check everything you will is your taxi to Small town of Green …have fun

One more shot…ah i can make milion pictures of this place:)


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