LOTD #001

My first fashion post… it was about time:D….but like i said this blog will not be only  about fashion…well if you are interesting read “about blog”..in fashion posts i will show you mine look of the day with information…LM…etc etc..but i will not mention my skin and shape in every post just in first one…and ofc when i decide to change it …that will not happen soon:) So lets start…

Shape:my own and not for sale

Skin:-Glam Affair – JadisV2

Hair:>TRUTH< January(group gift 2013)New

Belt:!Admiral Spicy! Mesh Multi Belt

Boots:Slink Vanity Boot @TDR(last month but still avialible)L$70

Dress:CHANDELLE – Mesh dress Alice. White  – Winter Wishes Market (10 Dec -7 Jan) L$99

Socks:CHANDELLE – half smooth black   – Winter Wishes Market (10 Dec -7 Jan)L$1

This dress come with 5 diferent sizes..i wear M size usualy…and match with mine shape so no need to edit like i do somethimes:)..there is 5 colors in shop but i pick this one coz…idk i like beige:D…you can wear it like dress or long sweater…your choice..and yes ..about textures …i will say…very good not perfect:)

And finaly about hair…new amazing gift from TRUTH(join group is free just subscribe)…many diferent colours in pack…with and without roots..yes TRUTH always have quality gifts but for me this one is the best till now.

Happy shopping:)


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